Ethidium homodimer III, 1mM in DMSO

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Catalog number 40051
Name Ethidium homodimer III, 1mM in DMSO
Size 200µL
Price 386.00
Specific information
Shipping Ground
Temperature Storge Condition 2°C to 8°C
Description Ethidium Bromide C21H20BrN3 CAS 1239-45-8 is used for detection of DNA in electrophoresis. Be careful not to contaminate your laboratory wit EtBr as it is genotoxic. The best way to detect Ethidium Bromide contamination is to use a UV black light. The EtBr stain can be safely removed with bleach of sodium hypochlorite, NAOCl that will destroy the Ethidium. GENTAUR's EtBr Destroyer Bag or sprayer will reduce it to a non mutagenic non fluorescent solution.